Wrap It Up


Okay…now you have the long, luxurious, beautiful locks you’ve always dreamed of. You’ve just finished an amazing date with Mr. “Sure Seems Like” Right, and you’re staying over…without your “head gear”. What do you do with your hair???

Well, there is no single correct answer, but there a few VERY incorrect ones. What you don’t do is:

  1. Nothing.
  2. Sleep with it wet.
  3. Act like it’s your “real” hair (well that’s debatable)
  4. Worry about it tomorrow.

Instead, double check that you don’t have an emergency scrunchie. You should always keep one in your purse, right next to the condoms. It should be part of your JIC (Justin Case) kit. If not, it’s time for plan b or c. If your underwear is made of nylon or rayon (like Victoria’s Secret Body By Victoria), use it as an emergency scrunchie, while you don one of your man’s shirts. He will never notice that you have panties on your head, if you do this correctly. Pull your hair back in the undie/scrunchie and forget it. Enjoy your evening.

Next on the list is to quickly scan the bathroom for a regular rubberband…like from around a book or newspaper. While it isn’t the best thing for your hair, it is better than going to sleep with it loose. That can cause tangles and weakens the attachment to your natural hair.

Hey, if you’re lucky, maybe he has an old-school do-rag and you can use it to wrap your hair and sleep as normal. Extra points if he has one still in the package.

Now curl up next to him, wearing his shirt and enjoy your evening without destroying your hair extensions.

Of course there is always two big braids, one on each side. If you don’t mind looking like that in front of your new beau, he may just be a keeper!


Syleena Johnson’s Premium Hair Extensions Coming to a Store Near You

Syleena Johnson’s Premium Hair Extensions Coming to a Store Near You.

Syleena Johnson smilingSyleena Johnson is best known for her singing, but she’s quickly becoming a media maven with several successful projects ranging from reality television, a workout DVD series, and now a line of hair premium extensions.

Working in conjunction with Renown Premium Hair, Syleena Johnson is introducing a specialty line of premium hair extensions and wigs entitled the “True Diva Collection.” The line, which will be available spring 2013, was inspired by the singer’s active and demanding lifestyle which sometimes requires her to wear extensions for protective styling, versatility and convenience. The extensions feature unidirectional cuticles which resist tangling and shedding.

Additionally, the line will feature U-Part wigs, which Renown says is a perfect alternative to a weave and “the best choice for women who don’t wish to, or cannot use glue or other adhesives on their skin,” says renownhair company founder, Toi Troutman.

Johnson approached Troutman, and the two collaborated to create a product that was convenient, functional and fashionable, while maintaining quality and value.

“I am so excited to work with Toi Troutman and RENOWN Premium Hair on this new joint venture. My True Diva Collection is not only quality hair but its affordable, and accessible to anyone who is looking for amazing hair that will last,” Johnson stated.

In addition to her line of premium hair extensions, the Grammy-nominated singer recently launched her very own fitness brand, SheLean. She’s also putting the finishing touches on her upcoming workout DVD, Mommy’s Got Soul, which will feature her own original music. Currently, viewers can catch Syleena co-starring in TVOne’s highly-rated, hit reality series, R&B Divas.